Burial vaults or liners are required by most cemeteries in our area. The burial vault is a concrete outer container that encases the casket. It aids in keeping the grave intact and prevent it from sinking in. Some vaults also protect the casketed remains and add beauty to the graveside committal service.

Protective burial vaults provided by the Spear-Miller Funeral Home are made of concrete and a protective liner bonded to the interior of the vault, (top and bottom). A tongue and groove design with a butyl compound ensures a reliable seal of the top piece and the bottom piece of the vault. Protective vaults carry warranties by the vault manufactures from 50 years to over 100 years depending on the quality of the vault.

As with caskets, vaults are made from a variety of materials:

Premium Vaults are the finest made. They are usually referred to as triple walled with an outer concrete wall, inner reinforced plastic and a metal liner. The inner liner is usually made of ABS fiber-filled plastic and the metal liner is either made from bronze, copper or stainless steel. All premium vaults offer the family various personalization options that can be explained to you by our staff.

bv-monMid-Range Vaults and Basic Vaults are double walled with an outer concrete and a bonded plastic or ABS Marbelon Interior depending on the model selected. These vaults usually come with a 50-65 year warranty depending on the model and construction. A number of these vaults can also allow the family personalization options.

concrete-roughThe concrete grave line is also referred as a grave box. This is constructed with thinner concrete and does not offer a seal. This liner will meet the minimum requirement of the cemetery.